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Since January 1, 2018 children and youth under 25 (with a valid Ontario health card number) are covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit program. This program covers a wide variety of medications but not everything. Your Express Aid pharmacy team can let you know what is covered and may also be able to suggest possible alternatives to your doctor if they are not.
You can also do a search for what is covered here:
Some medications require special authorization that can take a few weeks and may or may not be approved. If you have private insurance, all billing always goes through OHIP+ first now.
Free Over the Counter Medication
Did you know that many over the counter medications are covered by OHIP+? All you need is a prescription and health card. 
Some medications covered include:
  • pain and fever reducers 
  • constipation medication 
  • heartburn medication 
  • cough suppressants 
  • fungus infection treatments (e.g athlete's foot, yeast infections)
Student Discount
High school students and Georgian college students who present a  valid student ID at the time of purchase are entitled to a daily 10% discount on regular priced merchandise.
Sale items are excluded as well as certain pharmacy products due to provincial pharmacy regulations. See store for full details.