No Refills? No Problem!
If you are on a daily regular prescription medication your Express Aid pharmacist can happily refill it if a doctor's authorization is not available when you are due.
In the past, pharmacists would advance a few pills but with the expanded role of pharmacists we can now provide an actual refill of regular maintenance medication. Narcotics, controlled drugs, and targeted substances are excluded from this service. 
For a pharmacist reauthorization your Express Aid pharmacist will get your consent, ask you some questions related to your medication to ensure the refill is appropriate, and let your doctor know they have refilled the medication. Some pharmacies charge as much as $15 for this service but at Express Aid pharmacist reauthorizations are FREE.
No wonder we are Barrie's Value Pharmacy!
50% Off Walk-In Vaccine Services
All Express Aid pharmacists are injection-certified and available 365 days a year to provide vaccinations. In addition to the free seasonal flu shot, your Express Aid pharmacist can provide injection services for several other vaccines. 
Some of the vaccines include: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Shingles, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Pneumonia, Rabies, Typhoid, Chicken Pox, & Yellow Fever. The vaccine for traveller's diarrhea is not injected and is available over the counter.
Some pharmacies charge as much as $20 for providing an injection. At Express Aid we charge half of that so you SAVE $10. No appointment needed!
Money-Wise Medication Review
Looking for a great way to review your medications and save money at the same time? Express Aid Pharmacy has you covered! Medication reviews are an opportunity for a more in-depth conversation on all of your medications and identify any challenges or concerns with your pharmacy health. This is an excellent free service that is covered by the province.
Our medication reviews are different from most! Your Express Aid pharmacist will also go through a process to look for opportunities where you could save money on your medication. For some patients this could mean savings as high as hundreds of dollars per year for them and their family.
If you are on three or more regular medications ask us for your money-wise medication review - exclusive to Barrie's Value Pharmacy!
Here To Help You Quit
If you are thinking about quitting smoking your Express Aid pharmacist is here to help. They will discuss tips and strategies to help you quit and go over available options. As part of pharmacists expanded role, your Express Aid pharmacist is also able to prescribe prescription medication to help you quit. They'll stick with you and provide support and follow-up along the way!
Breathe Easy With Our Medication Organizers
Whether you are taking a lot of medication or sometimes forget to take a pill we have a great solution for you! Express Aid pharmacy offers a weekly service that organizes your medications into a single package. Some pharmacies do not allow last minute changes to packs or offer same day pack service. At Express Aid Pharmacy we do!
Benefits of this service include:
  • Ensuring refills are up to date on medication
  • Visually showing whether or not you have already taken your medication
  • Reminding you to pick up your pack or automatically providing free delivery
  • Reduced medication errors
  • Tablets already split if needed
Clear Out Those Cupboards!
We accept your expired or unneeded medication for safe disposal at our two pharmacy locations. Spring is a great time of the year to clean out  your cupboards and check for any over the counter medication that is past it's prime. If you have medications you are no longer taking we can safely dispose of it at no cost.