LGBTQ+ incorporates individual identities including sexual orientation (eg. gay, bisexual), gender identity (eg. transgender, non-binary), and gender expression (eg. feminine, masculine). There are some unique experiences LGBTQ+ youth can face such as coming out, gender transitioning/confirming, as well as sexual health considerations. The "+" refers to the continual expanding identities included within LGBTQ such as the aboriginal identity of "two-spirited" (eg. LGBTQ2S). 


Within the last few years the country and province have come a long way to support the LGBTQ+ community. It has now been over 13 years since Canada recognized the rights of same-sex partners to marry. Your school may have a gay-straight alliance (GSA) or Pride group to promote diversity. PFLAG is also an available organization for parents of LGBTQ+ children and all are welcome to join.

Express Aid Pharmacies are the only designated Safer Space pharmacies in Simcoe County with a unique specialization in LGBTQ+ health. Our team has undergone additional training to ensure we respect and understand the diversity of the community.


I Think I Might Be LGBTQ+: Support and guidance for youth from Kid's Help Phone Canada

Coming Out as YOU: A guide for LGBTQ+ youth from the award-winning The Trevor Prjoect (USA)

The Gilbert Centre: Youth and family programs, including drop-ins and social programs

PFLAG: Get in contact with your local PFLAG in Barrie - Email Loretta at barrieon@pflagcanada.ca

Why Pronouns Matter for Trans People (Video): Transgender people share their preferred pronouns and why using the right pronoun matters

My Friend Is Transgender (Video): An animation about a high school student who finds out their friends is transgender

Parent of A Trans Youth - What You Need To Know: A brief look at some common concerns and questions

Families in TRANSition - A Resource Guide for Parents of Trans Youth: An excellent detailed resource you can download

The Gilbert Centre: local trans support and resource center



At Express Aid Pharmacy we strive to support and respect everyone. Our team understands the importance of using the appropriate pronouns and we want you to feel comfortable in our space. If you have any preferences please let our pharmacy team members know! We also can help navigate medication or billing concerns you may have. For those covered by OHIP+ or other government insurance there are special forms required to get certain hormones covered that we can assist with. 


While peer and family acceptance has improved in recent years, some LGBTQ+ youth still face bullying, abuse, discrimination, and rejection simply due to their identity. This had been linked to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide compared to non-LGBTQ+ youth. However, there are many things that can be done to support LGBTQ+ well-being! An understanding home as well as supportive allies at school and other social environments provide encouragement. 


Express Aid Pharmacy is proud to support LGBTQ+ visibility and supports LGBTQ+ organizations including Barrie Pride and Fierte Simcoe Pride! We were the proud sponsors of this year's Barrie Pride Dragon Boat team and took part in the Barrie Pride Parade.


Sexual Orientation and Supporting Children and Youth: Information and advice for parents

Youthline: Support line for LGBTQ+ youth

Mental Health Services for Gender Diverse and Sexual-Minority Youth: Community resources in your area


Check out our Sexual Health section to learn about additional considerations for males who engage in sexual activity with other males. (In some cases this may also include those who do not identify as male). At Express Aid Pharmacy we specialize in male sexual health and offer unique programs and services to the region.

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You can also talk live to a sexual health counselor via sexualhealthontario 

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