In recent years, Simcoe County has seen an increase in reported cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Education and awareness are important steps to reduce the spread of STIs and improve community sexual health and wellness. Express Aid Pharmacy supports safer sex practices and access to information for families.  

In this section you will find important information on STIs, birth control (contraception), abuse, and where to get tested. Our pharmacists are your regional pharmacy experts on medications relating to sexual health. We can answer questions you have including: comparing contraception options and how to reduce your risk by protecting yourself from infections.


You are invited to come join us for our in-store education sessions hosted at our 477 Grove St East location presented by local community experts. We will be posting more information shortly.

We encourage everyone to check out our site, ask us their questions online, and come by the pharmacies for a wealth of informative brochures. For more information on sexual health or where to get tested check out your local public health unit.




Someone's risk for a certain infection is dependent on the type of sexual activity. It is important to keep in mind that someone who is infected may not have immediate symptoms (or obvious ones at all) but can still carry the infection and pass it on to someone else. Some types of infections can end up being long term (eg. HIV) and others can be treated and typically go away (eg. gonorrhea, chlamydia). It is important for anyone who is (or will be) sexually active to be familiar with risks, symptoms, prevention, and where to seek help. Your family doctor, clinics, and public health unit are all great resources. Anyone who is sexually active is strongly encouraged to test for STIs. We provide FREE condoms to high school students behind the counter - just ask!

All About STIs: information on types, risks, prevention, and symptoms of different STIs

STIs Prevented by Vaccines: Information on Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and HPV 

Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit: your local resource from Barrie to Collingwood to Huntsville

All About PrEP - learn about this ground-breaking medication for HIV prevention, important for many people including: males who are gay, bisexual, or have sex with other males, as well as some transgender people

Ask Andrew - answers to common questions from gay/bisexual/MSM males by our pharmacy men's health expert pharmacist-owner Andrew

The ABCs of Abstinence: answering common questions and myths



If you are an Ontario resident under 25, have public coverage, or private insurance many birth control options are covered by insurance. For those under 25 many would even be free. Speak to our pharmacy team to help determine which method may be right for you and which are covered by your insurance. The "morning-after pill" is covered with a prescription by public insurance plans (it is important to take ASAP). If you are a high school student Express Aid Pharmacy provides FREE condoms behind the counter - just ask our friendly pharmacy team.

BirthControlForMe.ca: Compares the benefits and disadvantages of different birth control methods

Morning After Pill: effectiveness calculator, how it works, and many frequently asked questions (our pharmacy carries much cheaper options than Plan B that have the exact same ingredient and are just as effective)

How to Use A Male Condom: includes proper use and many important tips

I Don't Think I'm Ready / Ten Signs you're Not Ready to Have Sex: Information on abstinence and some things to consider 


What Is Sexual Abuse?

7 Facts You Should Know About Sexual Abuse

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

Athenas: Local sexual assault counselling and advocacy center


All About PEP: If someone has been put at risk for HIV, it is important to seek medical attention ASAP for medication to help reduce the risk - learn more about "post-exposure prophylaxis"

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You can also talk live to a sexual health counselor via sexualhealthontario 

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