We save you $2 off of your ODB co-pay!

For those covered by the Ontario government drug plan the government charges patient's a co-pay on each prescription. Like many pharmacies we too reduce it by $2 for our patients.


As a result, medications covered by the government plan are free at our pharmacies to those on disability, Ontario Works, and some seniors. Other seniors will pay $4.11 on those prescriptions after their annual deductible is met. 

If you do not currently have any drug coverage or are a senior paying $4.11 for prescriptions - speak to our pharmacy team to see if you are eligible for any assistance. If you have any questions on drug coverage or deductibles we always take the time to answer all of your questions - and never rush you at Express Aid Pharmacy!


We also offer many pharmacy services at a discounted fee compared to other pharmacies - in some cases free


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